Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is beginning to look orchestrated

First the Sunday Telegraph last week published a three page spread suggesting massive financial impropriety on the part of UKIP. This week they follow it up, as does the Sunday Times. The Times story is by the way categorically refuted by the Party and their position is being considered.
What is odd is that the allegations, either old news, or false, or perfectly legitimate, have been doing the rounds for a long time. Interestingly most of the allegations spend their time in BNP news groups over the last few months, from where they have been posted to great swathes of journalists and prospective UKIP donors two or three times a week.

So why print now? Could it be the largely unreported second section of last weeks YouGov Sunday Times poll that put UKIP up to 5% nationally and hitting 7% in the Midlands and Wales?
Now if you factor those sorts of numbers into the polling data you can understand why. These figures, a doubling of UKIP’s numbers since the arrival of Nigel Farage as leader only 6 months ago could cause devastation in tight marginals across the country.

1 comment:

UKIP@HOME said...

Yes its all an establishment conspiracy.

Nothing to do with the financial incompetance of UKIP.

And as for the polls, as one UKIP member put it, the only poll that counts is the poll on election day.

And considering the 3 by-elections UKIP has participated in during the last couple of week getting 90, 40 and an astoundingly pathetic 8 votes - I somehow doubt that many people take UKIP seriously.

UKIPs reputation is in tatters, they are a joke and how on earth can they conemn the EU for their financial irregularities when they are just as bad!