Friday, February 02, 2007

Norman Stone to put a cat amongst the denial pigeons

I have it on good authority that the distinguished historian Norman Stone is minded to see what happens when you flout the illiberal genocide denial laws being touted by the EU.

My own idea is to get a large crowd of liberty lovers gather them in the European Parliament in front of the worlds media on the day that this piece of monstrous thought crime legislation is passed by the statists that represent you in the palace of vanities that is the EP.

Simultaneously they will proclaim that they don't believe that the Gulag ever happened. After all the mass murder of the Kulaks, Cossacks, oh just about anybody by the Communists is not on the list of the forbidden.

But back to Professor Stone.

In today's Telegraph piece he is quoted,
Norman Stone, the professor of history at Turkey's Koç University, argues that any attempt to legislate against genocide denial is "quite absurd".
"I am dead against this kind of thing," he said. "We can not have EU or international legal bodies blundering in and telling us what we can and can not say."

What was missed from the article was how he is proposing to do something about it. He is after all involved in the great Armenian genocide massacre argument.
The French Government is legislating at present to make Armenian Genocide denial a criminal offence, a law that I believe will be enacted sometime in the late spring. According to my source,
The British historian is ready to risk prison to confront Socialist backed French moves to outlaw Armenian genocide denial.

"This is a ridiculous and contemptible business - bad history and worse politics," he said.

"I would volunteer, myself, to provoke some trouble in France."

What this seems to entail is giving a lecture in France after the legislation has been passed bringing into question the facts surrounding the Armenian massacres. Then going hot foot to the UK.

From there he will be liable to extradition under the European Arrest Warrant. The French authorities will apply for one, get it, send it to the UK authorities, who because they have signed up to the bloody thing, send the plod round to his door.

As is the tradition at 6 am, some size twelve boot will be applied to his door.
"Professor Stone".
"Under the authority of the European Union I am arresting you," here our enterprising young plod (no doubt with armed back up) will wave a pair of handcuffs under the professor's nose, "for an offence that is not on British statute book and for which their is no Common Law criminal precedent. I have to advise you that any statement you make will be translated into the 22 official languages of the European Union and you will be kept in a French prison until they can be bothered to hear your case".

Or in the words of one EU Commission official asked about the case
"Individuals who could be surrendered for denial offences that took place in another member state since racism and xenophobia is included in the list of offences mentioned by the European arrest warrant,"

There is one slightly interesting side to this though.
If Turkey joins the EU then we will have the comedy situation that denial of the Armenian Holocaust is a criminal offence in France, whilst mentioning it is a criminal offence in Turkey.
The happy result of this could be that the entire population of France could be lifted and placed, Midnight Express like in Turkish prisons. Of course the entire population of Turkey could then find itself extradited to France and imprisoned there.


Marcin said...

Go read some law you fool.

Anonymous said...

23 official languages!


Nick the Strasbourg pedant

MKWM said...

23 official languages indeed but no translation into Gaelic, just interpretation... and this is rather hard to get!!

Oh, and don't get me started about Turkey, the Armenian Holocaust and the situation in Cyprus, please don't...

Neil Craig said...

And when Croatia joins will anybody who says their former leader & our ally Tudjman was right to deny the Jewish Holocaust (& say the Jews dunnit) be arrested for defending the fatherof the country.

Will it be illegal to deny the Krajina Holocaust or NATO's participation in it. Will it be illegal to deny ethnic cleansing & genocide in Kosovo under our rule & if so will it be illegal to deny the guilt of members of our government

"Mr Blair how do you plead ... bearing in mind that EU rules now prevent you pleading not guilty"

Serf said...

Unfortunately, Professor Stone will subsequently become a hero in Turkey for all the wrong reasons.

That aside, I would happily join in his protest.

eric said...

Across the pond, we watch as the EU slides down a slippery slope towards fascism...oh, we've seen all that before, just in different forms.

The decision to include "racism and xenophobia" in the EAW is one of the worst gaffes in the history of European law, as is the decision to remove the dual criminality requirement in extradition cases. Every EU citizen has to abide by all the laws of every single EU country, even if his actions are legal in his own country? Total rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Sinan from UK...

Congratulations Mr. Stone... The history does not change daily but French politics have been keeping their finger on the pulse by covering the country of free speech perpetuated by Voltaire and Vichy(!) with dirt. Lets make clear that the parliaments are not institutions that neither make decision nor make judgement on any historical incident. If you would like to heal the growing rift between the two sides, please let them opportunity to discuss the incident in the light of truth of history. Finally, lets convince both sides to go to ICJ(the world court). Before calling any incident as a genocide, you need to have concrete proof and legal decision by the court like in Jewish Holocaust. One interesting point that jews never seem to agree on Armenian case as a holocaust. Cheer up!