Thursday, February 01, 2007

Simplicity is a gift

The European Parliament Selection Office is as its name suggests the personel department for the administration. It is based in the often overlooked third home of the Parliament, Luxembourg. Home of stationary and other assorted adminy type things. Now there has been a drive for better more streamlined administration.

Then this email arrived yesterday,

A bunch of staff based in Luxembourg who are on EPSO selection boards for competitions have just received the attached note from Parliament’s Competitions Unit. It describes the procedure for missions, though ‘obstacle course’ would be a better word, as you have to go through no fewer than nine stages to comply with the Administration’s rules.

I will now post the instructions in full so you can revel in the joy of EU simplicity,

Luxembourg, 19 January 2007

Note to members of EPSO selection boards

Subject: Reimbursement of mission expense for members of EPSO selection boards

In order to make it easier to manage the mission orders which are needed in connection with the meetings of EPSO selection boards, you are asked to follow scrupulously the procedure set out below.

1. Ask your department to issue you with a mission order, using the MISS system and entering code 874; sign it and attach a copy of the notice of the meeting to it.

2. Have your mission order approved by your direct superior in accordance with the practice followed in your Directorate-General.

3. At least three days before the mission, fax the mission order and the copy of the invitation to attend, to:
EPSO – Mr Pietro Sanfilippo
C80 Building, Room 4/27
fax: 0032 2 299 94 32
(tel.: 0032 2 295 74 20).

4. You will receive an EPSO mission order by fax. Sign it, have it approved by your direct superior and fax it back to Mr Sanfilippo.

5. If you need to purchase a ticket for the mission, you can obtain this as follows:
- for officials or other staff working in Luxembourg, from CWT’s Luxembourg Agency in the Jean Monnet Building, ground floor, Room B0/010A (tel.: 4301 35500), on the basis of a copy of the EPSO mission order;
- for staff in Brussels, Mr Sanfilippo will make the necessary reservations (; alternatively, CWT’s Brussels Agency, rue Joseph II 79 (tel.: 02 282 3930) will be able to make reservations;
- in emergencies you are authorised, exceptionally, to purchase tickets directly, in which case you must pay for them directly(by cash or credit card) and submit them for reimbursement.

6. Where the statement of mission expenses is concerned, you should send Mr Sanfilippo confirmation that the mission has taken place as detailed in the mission order, and notify him of any changes. Accordingly, you should complete the second part of the European Parliament mission order, sign it (your direct superior does not need to sign it) and send it to Mr Sanfilippo through the internal mail, together with the supporting documents (originals of the ticket and hotel bill). You are strongly advised to retain copies of all documents.

7. You will receive the final EPSO settlement statement from Mr Sanfilippo by fax. You must sign it to indicate and fax it back to Mr Sanfilippo.

8. The Commission’s PMO office (Brussels or Luxembourg, depending on were you work) will settle your mission expenses as soon as possible.

9. Following reimbursement of mission expense by EPSO you are entitled to request supplementary reimbursement from the Missions Unit (KAD 03B019). To do so, you must submit the mission declaration form generated by the MISS program (code 874) to the Head of the Competitions and Selection Procedures UNIT (KAD 03F001) for signature; this must be accompanied by the declaration made following the mission using the EPSO form, together with the settlement statement from the PMO Office, as supporting documents. The Competitions Unit will forward the full file to the Missions Unit.

(signed) Glória JANKOWITZ-PERES
Head of the Competitions and
Selection Procedures Unit

By the way, the return ticket costs between 18 and 30 euros

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