Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Party right or wrong

The Observer editorial today 'Let Tony Blair get on with his job' just takes the biscuit for complacent rubbish. To describe as they do the current investigation into the 'loans for peerages' scandal thus is bizarre as it is wrong.
"The 1925 act which prohibits the sale of titles was dormant, no higher a police priority than the law against eating the Queen's swans".

To think that The Observer once prided itself on its critical thinking. If the sale of peerages, or worse he blatant and obvious sale of priviliges for partisan polical gain is not one of the most serious offences against the democataic liberal state then, do pray tell us Observer types, what on earth is?


Aunty Marianne said...

You get into BIG trouble if you eat a swan. Even if you're a foreigner and didn't know any better.

Mind you, he probably did know that you're not allowed to eat swans during the daytime if it's Ramadan.

Besides, it's not as if, given her renowned preference for good solid nursery stodge, her Majesty would be partial to one herself.

Elaib said...

I am expecting a Cabinet awayday to Abbostbury, just to see the lie of the land.
Thinking about it, that's a good name for the No 10 press office, "The Lie of the Land".