Thursday, October 12, 2006

Se if you can get your head round this

It appears that 1,850 immigrants of indeterminate age were noted in 2004, and yet their age status had not been solved a year later.
The problem was whether they were under 18 or not. If so then they as minors would recive funding, if not, as in over 18 they wouldn't. In addition to this they are unaccompanied.
It also appears that they are discouraged to take up further education as it is unlikly that they would be able to finish any course before they reached this curt of and thus became liable for deportation.

Now I am at a complete loss. More so because one bunch of social workers, the Refugee and Asylum Seekers Children's project seems to be demanding that Government fund "children over 18".

If the are over 18 surely they are not children? Or am I missing something?

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