Thursday, October 12, 2006

Once more with feeling

Hardly a week goes by without a senior European political figure making a statement that just shows how deeply they misunderstand the general public psyche in within the nations of Europe.

This week it is Mrs Merkel and her Foriegn Minister.

Frau Merkel tells us, "We'll need the treaty before the next European elections (2009)" ..."And we'll get down to it ambitiously." "Within our presidency, we'll certainly not be able to resolve the constitutional issue in all its aspects. But we'll aim to bring about fresh awareness among the member countries that we need a European constitution," ..."It must be something which deserves the name "constitution" and not merely an institutional set of rules,"

Whilst her Foreign Minister, Herr Steinemeier continues, "We are convinced that the constitution makes Europe more transparent, more tangible and also more powerful" "Of course by the end of our six-month presidency not all of the EU states will have implemented the draft constitution. But I am confident that we have a clear road map and, for that reason, that we can pursue the EU constitution."

Well I have to say it is big of the FM to realise that by June next certain countries might, inexplicably failed to ratify the bloody thing. But still, what the hell is he going on about? Is it a road map or a steam roller he is after?

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