Friday, January 13, 2006

Europe "complicit in CIA gaols" shocker

It appears that the Swiss chap, Senator Dick Marty, set up by the Council of Europe has accused European Countries of assisting the CIA in the 'secret torture death houses' row.

But reading this Reuters reports I cannot work out what the fellow is saying.
He is "personally convinced of the existence of the detention centres", OK where? Ah, he "had yet to come up with concrete proof".

Americans he claims "ran centres in eastern Europe where suspects where interrogated, tortured or transported to other countries", thus they could havce been stop over points, there is no reason to believe from this that they were more likly to be toture centres than transit stops.

He goes on ""It's not like Guantanamo Bay," he said, but more like "empty rooms where people have been interrogated or tortured or taken somewhere else".

So first there is the point that he has no evidence for toture, neither in the geographical land mass of Europe, nor elsewhere for these suspects, just the attributed statements of an Egyptian cleric, who after release claims to have been tortured. We he would wouldn't he?

However he seems to take it as a given that detainees have been tortured, tortured mind you, at Gitmo. Agaion, this is beyond his experience and investigative remit. His evidence?

No I doubt he has any.

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Aunty Marianne said...

Not evidence, but have you checked out the 2004 ICRC report? They begin the report with a statement on which prisoners they aren't allowed access to. Guess who's holding them, and where.