Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So crumbles the cookie

In today's Irish Times is a TNS/Imrbi EU treaty poll comes welcome news
The bold figures are,
35% No
30% Yes
35% Don't know

All to play for of course, but the wicket is looking pretty good. Interestingly the results for Fine Gael. Their "voters would reject the constitution, 30 per cent would ratify it and 28 per cent have no opinion".I wonder if anybody has toléd thgeir European Parliamentary delegation- currently glued firmly to the federastic EPP.

Meanwhile in the FT Deutschland there are reports of a poll in the Czech Republic. Now we must remember that the opinion polling befoire the French and Ditch Referenda was about 65% yes 20% No.
Today we see a slight change,
54% No
19% Yes

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Anonymous said...

Those running the NO campaign should stress that it's OK to vote no for any reason as you will be asked again in the future.