Monday, June 13, 2005

Lovers tiff

"A Downing Street source dismissed the criticism, saying, "BiE always had an inflated idea about its own importance."The Downing St spokesman added that "Tony wanted an outrider organisation to keep things ticking over in case we needed to build a campaign and put our foot on the gas. That is no longer necessary. The people in Britain in Europe were all over 21. They should have known the facts of life"."

This peach from the Times is almost perfect in tone. The dumped distressed, th edumpee refusing to take any responsibilityfor the trauma, the hurt feelings of the dumped. I could almost weep.

Actually just go alongto the BiE website and gloat. The last four headlines are,
Britain in Europe statement on EU bill postponement
Britain in Europe statement on result of the Dutch referendum
Britain in Europe statement on the French referendum
Prime minister says euro entry "very unlikely"

I must have a heart of stone.

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