Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Yes campaign, Dutch Stylie

The Dutch Young liberals who fascinatingly describe themselves as the "biggest non-confessional political youth organisation" in the Netherlands have multi-pronged approach to campaigning,
1) Chasing Geert Wilders around the Dutch Countryside.
2) "The Young Democrats have 5,000 cans of high-energy drink with the Red-Bull formula in their possession. A label containing the statement ‘Power to Vote’ as well as the three most important arguments to vote in favour of the European Constitution has been attached to the cans. The 1,250 litres of drinks will be taken on board of the trailer tracking the Dutch parliamentarian Wilders and
will be handed out to Dutch citizens in order to give them the required caffeine which will be needed to make it to the voting stations".

3)Giving 10 minute briefings in their van.

Now has anyboody asked Red Bull if they are happy to be used in political campaigning?
Not yet.

1 comment:

Serf said...

As the constitution is a classic piece of Red Bull Shit I guess it makes a good match.

There's three reasons to vote for the constitution?

I thought it was all based on Europe's great you know, no more war etc.