Monday, May 02, 2005

Why did we get our independence?

Supporters of the Latvian government have come up with an interesting, but essentially honest way to demoralise anybody thinking ofcampaigning against the Consitution. According to reports in the leading daily newspaper the NRA;
"It is vain to criticise the EU Constitutional Treaty as not only Latvian inhabitants, but also Latvian authorities can not change anything". (translation by the EP).

Well there may be some truth in the statement, what with them being new and small, and if France votes Yes then there will be no sympathy for nay sayers, but to hear it in that way, refreshing.

But there is a thought. Imagine France does say 'Yes' (My bet 52% - 48% as a friend at the D'Orsay promised me a month ago), then think about the French political establishments attitude to any other country that votes 'No'. They will demand immediate excommunication. The fear of being so close to losing will make them as voindictive, petty and fanatical as only Frenchmen can. Think Vendee, think salt.

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