Saturday, April 30, 2005

Poland gets its priorities right - No Constitution, less cash

Though he is hanging in in his job by the skin of his teeth, he still acts like Dicken's fat boy. Prime Minister Marek Belka urged his compatriots to "cross your fingers so the French vote 'yes'" in a referendum on the treaty next month. "If the French reject the European constitution, it will cost Poles dear." A French 'non' to the constitution would mean "less solidarity ... less European funds" and a revival of "the idea of a multi-tiered Europe," Belka said. "The result would only be negative," he said. "One thing that is certain is that we can forget about the introduction of the directive to liberalise the services market." "The French fear the arrival of a Polish plumber in Paris to repair a leaky tap," Belka said, adding that such fears were "myths which we must fight to dispel."
Anything that France does to stop effective business will damagae all Eastern countries. - for that matter every country with which they have any dealings with is harmed by their aproach. But that will not change whether they votes yes or no.


DO said...

a multi-tiered Europe, I presume you meant to say.

we already have the multi-tired one...

Elaib said...

You could say that, I couldn't possibly comment - or spell for that matter.