Sunday, May 08, 2005

Do they mean McShame?

According to the Guardian this is a sensible description of Denis McShame was was unt6il last week the disasterous Minister for Europe.
"Others, such as the sacrifice of an able and diligent Minister for Europe weeks before Britain takes over the EU presidency",
Able and diligent...
We must wait and see what the new boy is like. Funny I had to use a cached site because his page is down - I guess they are wrapping him in the blue starry hanky for the occasion.


Irina Tsukerman said...

How bad was that guy?

Elaib said...

let me count the ways.
This fellow describes any Eurosceptic as near fascist - thus proving his own intolerance.
He made one glorious speech at the anniversary of the Entente Cordiale in which he claimed that history had shown the England had always been a friend of France. Different reading of Agincourt Trafalgar, Waterloo, 100 years war Blenhim, American war of Independanec you name it, to me. The man was a charlatan and a fool. Last month he went to Bordeaux and called those anti the Comnstitution "con's". This was on live TV. He thus called 50% of the French population bastards. Idiot, unpleasant, dangerous fool. That pretty well explains my feelings about the fellow.

Aunty Marianne said...

I've been off Europe Ministers since I had a dream Peter Hain woke me up one morning by doing carpentry outside my bedroom door. I woke in a filthy mood and still have an irrational dislike of his suntanned, dentistried, plastified face.

Can't trust them, any of'em, whether red, blue, yellow or purple, sunlit or shadowed.

Europe should be mainstreamed anyway. Every minister should be watching its effect on his (generally his) brief. If he isn't, he's a fool.

Elaib said...

I don't think anybody should be "mainstreamed", it sounds frightful and a little dangerous. Does this happen against the subject's will?
But though Europe isn't a Cabinet post little (the blighter is my age - bah humbug)Dougie gets to sit in on their meetings.