Saturday, May 07, 2005

European Parliament to spend up to €10 million on Propaganda Centres

Ina report going to Strasbourg this week the grippingly named, "estimates of revenue and expenditure of Parliament for the financial year 2006", the full costs of the travelling circus are laid out in plain view;
"EUR 6,528 million for the 2006 budget"

Included in this is a new dispensation for the purchase of "external offices and Europe Houses". This dispensation will be called "Item 2009 'Provisional appropriation to cover the institution's property investments' ".

Now these places are ghastly, I quote,
"Europe Houses are institutions founded with the aim of promoting the European idea through publications and cultural and educational programmes. They provide one of the means of activity of the National Councils of the Europe Movement and their branches. Through their association with FIME, they form a network for establishing contact and co-operation throughout Europe. They enjoy the support of the Council of Europe, the European Union, the European Movement and all other organizations and associations that share same aims.

Europe House are not state institutions. Their status and activity are independent of any government or state department, function or authority. They are non-political and non-party

Non political. So sharing the aims of the European Movement is "non-political". Like breathing, eating and shiting it is just something that all humans do, objectively.

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