Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We have run out of Money, can we have yours

The chaos that is the office of Hans Eichel, Germany's beleaguered Finance Minister has now resulted in him demanding more money from the UK.
A long stream of dire financial results has caused him to dust of demands for harmonised European corporate taxation.
In an interview wit the Handelsblatt yesterday he spelt this out pretty clearly, as he criticised successful Germans for putting their savings in low taxation EFTA countries such as Liechtenstein and Switzerland. "we should not accept that the rich take their money bags to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, with only ordinary wage earners paying taxes".
What he seems to be saying is that ´because of the structural incompetence of his, and his predecessors economic policies in Germany, the EU must take control of the corporate taxation policy of not merely the EU 25, but also non EU countries.
I am trying to think of some polite words that would be a short but sufficient response to his demands - but this is a family blog.


Tim Worstall said...

He hasn’t a hope.
The Bolkestein Directive and the setting up of SEs. Any company can move its residence to any EFTA country at any time.

Elaib said...

Hush, Hush whisper who dares...

The Bolkestein Directive is saying its prayers

You are of course right, but he is cornered and will say aanything to stave of the aweful truth about Germany's economy

Irina Tsukerman said...

How do these people get to power???

Serf said...


Even George Galloway managed to get elected in last weeks General Election. (George was a close friend of Saddam and has been crying in public ever since the war started).

The people are stupid. Its one of the biggest problems with democracy.