Monday, April 04, 2005

Unleash the Serviettes of Doom Ye people –

Quiver in despair at the wrath of the Yes campaign

For the European Parliament is starting to spend its millions, and nobody can stop them now.

Today the Paris office of the European parliament has launched its information campaign.
I have the press release in front of me and I shall try to translate.

Europe is invited into student refrectories

Europe puts the spirit into appetite. Top stop student’s from starving, the Office of Information for France of the European Parliament has been invited into 286 university canteens for their lunch hour. On the menu? Information for 2 million students on Europe and the draft treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe between Monday 4th and Friday the 8th April, 2005.

The debate slips onto the plates with the 1,5 million paper napkins printed in the colours of Europe. Accompanying these napkins are folders, booklets and posters, which will be distributed during the week in the restaurants and the cafeterias to answer all questions interrogations.

The relays and European networks present in areas (Houses of Europe, Information-Points Europe, Carrefours and Europe direct) will make extra efforts to put out information on stands installed in the halls of universities and at the exit of the restaurants.

Please can I laugh, please.

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