Monday, April 04, 2005

The European Brownnose Award

A contender in the Media section must be Ireland’s diabolically bad HotPress, for this interview in their April edition with the fragrant abscondee. I ask you to try to read it while holding a J cloth in close proximity to stop the splatter. The interview was conducted by Jackie Hayden, a music biz A and R man whose claim to fame was signing U2 after judging them at a Limerick talent show in 1978. His cut and thrust style is apparent from the first question. Margot will have harder interviews – dammit she has probably had harder interviews for Commission en Direct.
The interview opens in classic style,
Your web diary shows you to be very open , perhaps even unguarded, politician, answering questions about your own life as well as arguing about key issues,”
The questions continued to play to her own oft stated convictions.

However later in the interview he does however get her state an absolute whopper of a claim,
While talking about trafficking in women for prostitution she is asked why current politicians refuse to deal wit the issue?
Her answer,
It’s only through the new constitution that our police forces can co-operate and get to grips with this”.
Bollocks Margot.
Have you never heard of Interpol, and countless joint police operations. You lie, and lie badly. That's one for the CIDC.
Elsewhere we learn that she did not favour the Iraq war (shock, does not support drug legalisation or easy access to booze, she is a Swede after all) and that she likes U2.

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