Monday, April 04, 2005

The more we know about the EU, the less we like it.

This is the unsurprising result of an opinion poll carried out by MORI which has been astonishing it its lack of coverage.
The normal canard produced by the pro Euros is that the low level of support for he project in the UK is due to the high level of ignorance. The less one knows about the project the more one is prey to nasty old fashioned concepts such as nationalism (boo hiss) and so on.
This new research however seems to produce the opposite. The authors of the research Bobby Duffy (Mori Research Director) and Harvey Cole (Lib Dem former leader of Hampshire County Council) have written up the research in April’s Prospect magazine. However the EU results are left until the end of column four of five.

Just look at these figures
Initially the figures were as follows,
"Q3 Generally speaking, do you think that Britain's membership of the European Union is…?
A very good thing for Britain 12
A fairly good thing for Britain 35
A fairly bad thing for Britain 22
A very bad thing for Britain 16
Don't know 15"

So that is 47% in favour and 38% against membership of the EU. (not the Constitution mind you, but membership)

Now some facts are thrown at the sample
Figures ... show that being a member of the European Union on balance costs Britain £2.6 billion a year, which is equivalent to around £44 for every person in the country.
Q16 Does this change your view that membership of the European Union is a good thing for Britain?

(the cut is for clarification - it makes no material difference to the results)
Results according to the authors,
The most interesting shift is on attitudes to the EU. Because 61 per cent of supporters underestimated the cost to Britain of membership (about £2.6bn a year), supporters were reduced from 47 per cent to 38 per cent after being given the figure, with opponents increasing from 38 per cent to 47 per cent.”
Interestingly there are the hard core of 38% who would not change their viewpoints, 59% ( 22.4 % of the total population) of which state categorically that, “Think membership of the EU is a good thing even if it costs/there are other benefits

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