Monday, April 04, 2005

Margot's political child abuse

According to the teaching aid from the EU's child propaganda unit "Spring day in Europe" annual event there are certain ways in which one should as a teacher teach kiddies the benefits of the EU Constitution. My favourite is this

"EU Football Team and EU Olympic Team
Pupils suggest the names of their best national athletes, who should be in the ideal EU football team and EU Olympic team. The Latvian Spring Day in Europe teacher, Inara Zlaugotne, will collect the data and publish both EU teams on her website."

Of course this is nothing compared to the chilling Children's manifesto produced by this organisation and forwarded to the Commission as the voice of our children.

Called the "SPRING DAY MANIFESTO FROM YOUNG EUROPEANS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION" it opens with these words " We, Young Citizens of Europe" and continues to cover 30 areas of policy from Agriculture to Xenophobia.

Some examples

"Agriculture and fisheries shall be protected and financially supported," - That'll be the continuation of the CAP and the devastation that it wreaks across the developing world.
Culture and Sports
"The EU shall organise sports meetings between national teams at school level". - They do without the dead hand of the EU, would that mean the exclusion of Switzerland and Norway?
Children's Rights
"the following essential equal rights..... the right of every child to develop their own personality and unfold their individuality and to grow up safely, protected from humiliation and violence". - And the right of every child to sue their schools and parents for every perceived slight.
Citizen's rights,
"The EU as the common homeland of all its citizens..." Not for me it isn't.
Consumer protection
"Public authorities... shall encourage the practice of organic agriculture". - In the current scientific climate that might seem rather contentious.
Defence, security and police
"The Union shall be responsible for decision making and policies related to fighting organised crime, drugs, terrorism and extremism.
The EU shall set up an army consisting of highly skilled and trained soldiers."
Hee hee hee, they will be in charge of policy making on "extremism"?
And it goes on.

"Parents shall be punished when they force their children to leave school" - so bang goes home schooling.
"Education shall aim at preparing students for a proper job in society" - So bang goes education.
"EU countries shall harmonise curricula..." - bang goes history.
"The government shall see to it that everybody finds a job" - Ditto artists musicians and the like.
"All individual European citizens shall be obliged to protect the environment." - Can you see where that leads?
Finance and Taxation
"Justice and solidarity shall be the basis of the European finance policy with a special focus on education and development aid" - Employment, business all that stuff is unimportant. Oh and taxation must of course be progressive.
Foriegn Affairs
"The EU shall establish a Common EU diplomatic body. The decisions made by this body will be applicable to all Member States". - Got that 'New Europe'?
"Any decision on war will to be taken by the qualified majority of the European Parliament. " - Be afraid, be very afraid.
"All immigrants shall have access to public services" - Fully costed that one.
Media and Technology
"In the near future literacy will mean being able to use new technologies." - Playing Playstation whilst being unable to read or write.
Science and research
"Science and research have to serve the welfare of people." - Goodbye blue sky thinking. Goodbye progress.
Trade and Economics.
"The economic system of Member States is the
market economy.... The EU will stimulate economic cooperation
". Spot the deliberate error.

Oh what a load of mendacious dangerous bollocks. And why is the European Commission pumping such bona fide one sided, contentious excrescence into our schools.
A shame on them.


Anoneumouse said...

Institutionalised kiddie fiddling and what about this man Hmmmm

Elaib said...

After checking I can let you know that his name has been added to the website because he told them that he opftenm went to schools anyway. They are so desperate for supporters that they claim that this means he supports the drivel above.