Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Holland panics

According to the Dutch newswire ANP, "The Dutch cabinet is looking into the possibility to cancel the referendum on the European Constitution if France says ´no´ to the constitutional treaty of Rome. The cancellation of the referendum is one of the emergency scenarios the government is investigating in case an approval of the treaty seems unsure.

The referendum in the Netherlands is now scheduled for June 1. In France, the citizens are asked to cast their votes on the constitution on May 29. The French government is currently very concerned about the possible outcome. Especially the future accession of Turkey to the Union is making the French nervous. French businesses have started a ´yes-campaign´, as a French ´no´ might have negative consequences for the economy".

This is causing consternation in Dutch political and Eurosceptic circles with some such as Dr Hans Blokland, Calvinist MEP who put out a statement applauding the Government, "This is to be welcomed. It seems at least in Holland No actually does mean No. What purpose could there be in the Dutch going out to vote on a Constitution that no longer exists". He continued, "The Treaty's legal position is very clear, if one country says No the Treaty falls and it would ensure the French people that their "NO" would not isolate France".
However another sceptical Dutchman told me "It appears that only a positive outcome is acceptable to the government. They tried already to cheat by allocating 1.5 mln euro to a secret fund, which could be used to start an extra campaign if the ´no´ side appeared to be winning. And now they don´t even think that that will work and are working on a scenario to postpone the vote if the French outcome is not ´supportive´ to their efforts. What do they think?? That only they know what is good? Boris Dittrich, MP and leader of the liberal D66 party (member of the ruling coalition) said last week that "democracy is not for cowards". But this government is too afraid to lose its face in Europe... "

Update, what was rumour is now confirmed on the Telegraaf's website.


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