Wednesday, April 20, 2005

They don't like it up 'em

Like Corporal Jones’s infamous fuzzy-wuzzies the true zealots at the Church of Holy Integration are getting rattled.

Following Le Monde now comes the appalling numbsome of the European Parliament attacking Vaclav Klaus. They must be upset, they were expecting Vaclav Havel to turn up at their “60 years since VE day lets have more EU” beanfeast in May, (amusingly they have been asking everybody for suggestions as a replacement, you see he was supposed to parrot the party line- suggestions to ).
Like the absolutists of the past their main form of attack is to accuse the only polyical head of State out of 25 who opposes the Constitution of dictatorial desires!
Roca Vidal-Quadras who with Mr Leinen was behind this intemperate attack is the Depute Chairman of the Bureau of the European Parliament's Working Group to Provide Communication with a view to the Ratification of the Treaty on the European Constitution - or DCBEPWGPCRTEC – or at least something like that. So he would say that wouldn’t he. He should stick to the nuclear physics.
I would pay good money to be in the same room as these people when the results from France or Holland come in.

Notice the caption on the picture of Klaus in the link “Safer Britain, Safer World”, I agree absolutely.

Hat tip Eurota

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