Saturday, April 16, 2005

A mote in the eye of French media

In a Le Monde report last week on Czech President Klaus's campaign against the Constitution, the newspaper accused Klaus of using vocabulary similar to that used by communist authorities against dissidents before the Velvet Revolution. Le Monde, like almost all French media is supported by the state and supports the Constitution.
“Son pamphlet ne rechigne pas à utiliser des tournures et expressions que les organes communistes utilisaient contre les intellectuels dissidents avant la "révolution de velours".

While Le Monde and its fellow travellers in the French media continued to provide succour to the hard left, Vaclav Klaus was making the hard journey toward freedom, as a Czech economist reading Austrian writers.

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GEA3 said...

the VP of the EP is getting in on the anti-Klaus action:

try and keep a straight face.