Friday, April 15, 2005

Fun Dutch Blog

Dutch journalist Kees Versteeg is on fire working for NRC Handelsblad. Here are a breakdown of his last few articles – corkers all. (And no its not just ‘cos he linked to me). Sadly no comments and no permalinks so scrolling is necessary.
Before reading my appalling machine translation approximations of the Dutch original I would like to remind readers that the motto of the Dutch EU Presidency last year was…
Europe, quite important.

Non-cowardly custards
The Dutch Referendum Commission has started to hand out information cash to organisations both pro and anti the Constitution. One anti organisation, a bunch of Anarchists from the city of Leiden is called Eurodusnie. They have been bunged 40,000 in order to pay for debates and ‘No’ events. However it was pointed out by the VVD (Dutch Liberal) MP Hans van Baalen that they are most famous for hurling custard tarts at ministers. Victims so far have included the finance Minister Gerd Zalm and former Commissioner Bolkestein

OK so that one is pretty silly, but nothing on the Yes campaign. The same Referendum Commission has given thousands of Euro to the (left); liberal D66 party of former serial squeeze MEP Lousewies van der Laan.
Propaganda no red herring
Her party, in the person of actors dressed up by Hague representative Esther Beneder will be paid to ”distributing bread rolls and herrings” with a leaflet explaining how wonderful the Constitution is.
“D66 Den Haag
‘Hollandse haring in Den Haag voor de Europese Grondwet’ Uitdelen van broodjes haring met folder en uitleg over de grondwet door verklede acteurs.

Given the state of the North Sea herring industry that is just bizarre.

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