Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dhimmi Nicholson

Jim Nicholson is a decent chap. He is also an Ulster Unionist MEP. And from today, sadly he is a bit of a dhimmi.

The problem is that he is the Chairman of an obscure European Parliamentary body know as the Queastors. In this role he is responsible for all manner of things including parliamentary security.

Today, one of the Lega Nord MEPs, a man mountain by the name of Mario Borghezio planned to show the film "Submission". This film caused the death of its director Theo Van Gogh last year which in turn caused all sorts of trouble in the Netherlands. It famously depicted lines from the Koran painted on the near naked bodies of women. Calculated to annoy, anger and enrage it was part of the manifesto of Ayaan Hirsi Ali the Dutch Liberal MP in her campaign against the maltreatment of Muslim women and their status in Islam.

He neglected to ask anybodies permission until yesterday, when he received a categorical No from the producer of the film, a Gijs van de Westelaken, whose firm, Column Productions owns the copyright. Van de Westelaken also threatened to sue ifd he went ahead. He decided to go ahead anyway until he was blocked by Jimmy Nic who wrote to him banning him from doing so, citing the producers rejection.

But this is where Dhimmy went to far,
"Furthermore, the controversial nature of the film is apt to provoke disturbances of the public order within the Parliament and might even put the essential long-term EP security interests at stake".

If he had stuck to the very reasonable concerns raised by the copyright holder than that would have been fine, but to suggest as this closing paragraph does that the film would have been banned even if it had the support of the film makers out of fear of the consequences. That Jimmy is dhimmitude - or in this case institutional dhimmitude, and you are a lot better than that.

Borghezio has risked the wrath ofthe producer (and for that matter Dhimmi Nicholson by holdoing a double screening in his office, one on his computor and one on his assistants. From what I hear about 40 hacks turned up.
The AP report is a classic of its sort

"A suspected Islamic extremist allegedly shot and stabbed van Gogh to death in November, shortly after the release of the movie. Many Muslims were outraged by the film, which gives a fierce critique of the treatment of women under Islam and was written by an anti-immigration member of the Dutch parliament."

Right where to start with this
"A suspected Islamic extremist". Mohammed Bouyeri is suspected, like Hitler was a suspected Nazi - how much evidence do you need if you are a member of the Brussels press corps?
Shall I list it for you?
Pinned to the body of Van Gogh with a smaller knife, Bouyeri left a second letter, consisting of five pages, in which Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) Gert Wilders and politicians in general are warned. It contains repeated references to alleged Jewish influences in politics. The letter refers to the fundamentalist ideology of the Takfir wal-Hijra (According to the Observer funded by Bin Laden). This letter probably wasn't written by Mohammed Bouyeri himself, but by his group's ideologist. It was signed Saifu Deen al-Muwahhied.
“was written by an anti-immigration member of the Dutch parliament.”This is priceless if it were not so extraordinary.
For her courage, some might say foolhardiness Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a dead woman walking. She a woman of Somalian birth, who ran away from a forced marriage, and worked her way into a seat in the Dutch Parliament before she was 35. The main reason she has difficulty with standing as a VVD MP is because she is NOT antio immigration. She is just for justice for women in the Islamic sphere of influence.

The AP report is a disgusting travesty.

Futher Update

I have discovered who wrote the AP Article, and have written the following letter to AP and the journalist concerned., one Constant Brand.
I will update you with any response,

Dear Constant

In your story from the European Parliament today you state,
"A suspected Islamic extremist allegedly shot and stabbed Van Gogh to death in November, shortly after the release of the movie. Many Muslims were outraged by the film, which gives a fierce critique of the treatment of women under Islam and is written by an anti-immigration member of the Dutch parliament".
This is a travesty of the truth.

Mohammed Bouyeri, who is currently on trial is a member of Takfir wal-Hijra, a recognised fundamentalist group, known to have been funded by Bin Laden in the past. The letter pinned to the dead film maker made his attitudes pretty clear I think you will find.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is by no way anti-immigration as you state, That is 180% away from the truth, she is pro-immigration, indeed she has difficulties with her party the VVD about this. What she is against is the maltreatment of women, the honour killing the mutilation of female circumcision, and forced marriage that can accompany that religion.

Interview in the Daily Telegraph 07/09/2004

“It was because of Holland's lax immigration laws that Hirsi Ali was able to stay in the country. She undertook many menial jobs to pay for her university education. Yet her party takes a tough line on immigration. Some anomaly here, surely?
She shifts anxiously in her seat and sighs.
"I don't agree, actually, with my party's policy on immigration," she says. "I had a lot of difficulty joining the party for that very reason. But it has been a small price to pay for the opportunity to be able to stand up in a parliament and campaign for abused women."
It is a worthy argument, albeit convenient. There is no denying, however, that Hirsi Ali worked hard to ensure that she was never a burden to her new government's welfare state.
"The most boring job was probably counting the biscuits," she says. "But I was earning and that meant I could study."
Her drive is admirable. And while she dislikes her party's tough stance on immigration - "the boat is full", as it states - the Dutch public, increasingly, does not. “

You need to print a correction about this at the very least and write that brave woman an apology as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

Elaib Harvey

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David Vance said...

Having committed adultery on his wife, I think it charitable to term Nicholson a "decent chap."

He has, I regret to say, the intellectual firepower of a banana, and the fact that he unknowingly embraces dhimmitude cannot surprise those of us who have watched his hilariously ineffective political "career"!