Tuesday, April 19, 2005

That's OK then

"Mr Barroso's spokeswoman said the 25 commissioners had discussed among themselves whether any of their trips created conflicts of interest and had decided they did not".

Just read that again and think about the implicationsof this. The college of European Commissioners has now decided that it is capable of deciding on whether it or a member of it has done wrong. It is now out of bounds to journalists or elected politicians (in this case Nigel Farage of UKIP) to expect answers to questioons about Commissioners interests.
Just astounding.


GEA3 said...


I think it appropriate that you remove the previous post related to this story.

Obviously this matter has been investigated and the Commission has ruled.

It is not the place for you or any other member of the great unwashed to question pleasure-craft riding leaders.


49erDweet said...

Yes, you obviously are too dense to comprehend the finer points of service and sacrifice required of the EUrogencia!

Shame on you! They are perfectly capable of ruling over the rest of Europe without your comments or assistance. You are so favored to have them doing so - it relieves you of the responsibility of goverance, something with which non-EUs have so much trouble.

Oh, if only we Yanks had somebody as brilliant in our neck of the woods who would lead us. Hummm. I wonder if Paul Martin would be available soon? Eh?

GEA3 said...

The sarcasm is getting deep in here!

Elaib said...

The man in Schuman really does know best. I have seen him, he is tall, strong, decent and wise and will care for us children. I know because his spokesmans service told me so.