Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lets not talk about it

The State aid paper, which was drafted by EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, proposes tighter rules on State aid. It says Government subsidies should face a rigorous economic test, and payments should be allowed only where the economic benefits outweigh the negative impact on rival companies and consumers.
The FT reports today that the Commission has pulled a report due to be published. The report's author is Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes who has threatened to slaughter the "fat ducks" as she describes failing national champions.
In a transparent and failed attempt to pretend otherwise an official is quoted as sayoing "We want our proposals to have the best possible impact on member states. This is especially important when the political debate in one country is very alive."
He added: "In a sensitive debate, the question of examining all the angles is even more important." The state aid paper needed further work likely to last "a couple of months", the official said.“
Which would punt its publication the other side of the French referendum.
Quelle suprise

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GEA3 said...


strong post. while the commission speaks of growth, growth, growth, it does nothing but drag its feet on initiatives which may actually provide the real deal. Lisbon, Bolkestein, Kroes .... who cares about growth?

much is said about the question, "can the eu survive without france?"

how about, "can the eu survive with france?"