Saturday, April 09, 2005

The ghost of Honecker stalks Berlin

A mojority of Germans oppose the Constitution. According the most recent opinion polls as reported on NDR Radio on the 5th April, the European Union's prestige has fallen amongst Germans. 55% of Germans now oppose the European Constitution. Of course the people will not have the opportunity to vote on the issue as the rastification process is expected to create a 95% Yes vote in the German Parliament. Results like that haven’t been seen in Berlin since beforethe fall of the wall.


actually said...

Yeah, and a majority of Germans didn't want the Euro and they didn't get a vote on that either. Even so, you should have seen the amount of advertising spent telling people about "Der Euro – unser Geld".

Whatever the German in the street thinks, talking negatively about European integration in German political and media circles would have the same kind of effect upon your career as being an SED member and suggesting that capitalism might not be a bad idea after all....

Elaib said...

Sadly too true. But what gives if the prime driver of the EU is so transparently lacking in democracy?