Friday, April 08, 2005

Which Syndrome - Asterix or Stockholm?

It appears that with the German Constitutional ratification wrapped up with no inconvenient hoi polloi getting involved the much crossed border between Germany and France is set to experience yet another invasion. And this time it will be politicians.
The Greens and socialists are the first to send out skirmishing patrols. The fat Concentration camp "capo" Martin Schulz, leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament has already raided the pretty market town of Aire-Sur-la-Lys in the Pas de Calais. Now it seems that Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the paedophile sympathiser and leader of the Greens is launching an attack on French 'No' campaigners. According to today's Süddeutsche Zeitung (sub only) he is describing them as suffering from Asterix Syndrome. which describes as an "error of reasoning". Essentially it seems to mean that he believes that this is the most sclerotic and left wing Constitution possible, and therefore it is better to set this in stone now, rather than let those nasty neo-liberals get at it again. I guess he suggests Asterix because the little guy won. No I think he must misunderstand the message of Asterix - but he always preferred other kiddy reading.

I believe what he is really suffering from is Stockholm syndrome. He has been held captive by the wages and chauffer driven limousines he gets as the Group leader that he now loves his captors, the Eurocrats.


GEA3 said...

Excellent post. If the people of Europe in general and France in particular fall for the sleight-of-hand from the political "elite," then they deserve what they get.

The "elite" do not understand until you stand up and bloody their nose.

The same thing happened in 1992. Blueprint for Maastricht:

Anonymous said...

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