Monday, March 14, 2005

This fellow is responsible for Veritas.

Are you sitting comfortably, then I will begin. Veritas is currently looking for candidates for the Election campaign. To that end, on its website is the candidate's application form. The form, a master of its type was written on the desk-top of one Martin Cole. Cole is the blogger who has become the chief of staff of Kilroy-Silk.
The application form is to be found here and is telling in its details.
Even before the obligatory name, address, questions comes;
"Will you provide your own deposit: YES / NO
What funding have you raised or can provide towards your own campaign?"

Veritas is obviously not rolling in it.

the final questions are also illustrative;
"1. I like being in charge. Tend to Agree / Tend to Disagree
2. I expect credit for my ideas. Tend to Agree / Tend to Disagree
3. Playing by the rules is more important than winning. Tend to Agree / Tend to Disagree
4. I am a good listener. Tend to Agree / Tend to Disagree"

One doesn't need to ask what Kilroy said about that?

Also interesting is the discovery of who/what is hosting the Veritas regional sites. They are being hosted by an extraordinary site in Cornwall. New age and deeply er, caring.
"We believe everyone has something to share and live video communication in our cyber theatre is the perfect way for you to interact and share what you know with others online."
Veritas England Expects can reveal are associated with "some of the worlds foremost authorities on the mystical, spiritual and metaphysical."

So what has the "surfer" got to do with this? Well the Spirit of Cornwall website is registered with one Bryan Bracegirdle, a one time UKIP council candidate who earns his living making "stone sculptures and art cards" of which the surfer is the one proudly illustrated in a cornish copmmercial site.
Stop me and buy one.

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