Monday, March 14, 2005

Geert Wilders on Europe

This could be the start of something interesting.

According to his manifesto published yesterday, renegade liberal MP, reluctant gaolbird, and fatwa fodder Geert Wilders has this to say about Europe "translated hastily and incompletely, but you get the idea).

"3. Europa
The sell-out of our Dutch interests and our own identity is becoming clear; first of all in the way our politicians hand over more and more of our sovereignty to a caste of Brussels-based bureaucrats.
Our sovereignty as a nation - as a country that knows very well how to solve its problems - is being dissapated. Already today most of our laws come from the bureaucrats in Brussels. The total amount of European laws exceeds 100 000 pages. Meanwhile the Netherlands are the largest net contributors to the European technocrats, money used to keep the palaces in Strasbourg and Brussels intact.
Over so many European questions Dutch voters have never been asked. Instead, they have been lied to. Swapping our valued guilder for the euro "would not lead to inflation", as Finance Minister Zalm said. Everybody knows that the contrary is true.
I stand for,
1)The creation of a special treaty revision committee, which would evaluate all of the Netherlands's treaty obligations. It would reconsider the importance of the various Treaties an decide in which order they are important and, work out if they are in our interest, and if not unilaterally withdraw.

2) The rejection of the European Constitution, because we have lost too many powers. For example in important areas such as immigration and criminal law - to the bureaucrats from Brussels. But also because large countries - by the increase of qualified majority decisions and the introduction of the criterion of population numbers as a basis for the voice weight - will soon have more influence on our internal decision making than the Netherlands itself. It is unacceptable to lose a Dutch VCommissioner with voting rights. The Netherlands must remain independent;
No further enlargement of the EU: Turkey in, NL out

3)A separate status for NL within the EU, the same as UK and DK have. We must preserve our autonomy in the field of immigration. A civil servant of Brussels or a French politician can never decide how many immigrants the Netherlands must take in. Criminal law, the welfare state, the foreign policy, fishery - and agricultural policy and other important policy fields must remain in Dutch hands.

4) The Netherlands must open formal negotiations with NAFTA as soon as possible, alongside other free trading nations in order to make a new Atlantic Free trading association. 5) The euro is a problem. The stability pact is a disaster - the large European countries such as France, and Italy change the rules to suit themselves. For this reason I argue that the enlargement countries should not join euro, and if that happens, we must reconsider the euro. Rather a strong guilder then a weak euro;
6)The Dutch financial contribution to the EU is absurd. Just like Margaret Thatcher our country must refuse to continue to participate in this circus to this degree. I want the EU to quit 90 % of its tasks, so the Dutch contribution to the EU can also be decreased by 90 %.

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