Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Scepto-Pyjamas strike

After the back breaking work was done by EU Referendum and the cheeky letter was fired off from somewhere in the North Sea (Dogger perhaps?), the FCO have changed their Myths. They claim that the alteration makes no odds. Balls.
As the Economist so rightly points out this week, (hat tip Eurosoc)
"The British suggested that it should be made clear that the constitution's Charter of Fundamental Rights would not limit the rights of managers to sack workers. But the Belgians and the French objected; as far as they are concerned the charter will do exactly that."
So the accidental ommission of the words "Union law and" from their quote from the European Constitutional Treaty. Now if they were discussing the rights of Unions then that would have some real effect wouldn't it?

I suppose we must all be thankfull for small mercies. A congratulations one and all.

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Hew BG said...

We need to ensure that the pre- and post-correction versions plus the FCO comment on the change are available for view so that the FCO can be held to account for this. We can't let them sweep it under the carpet.