Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Farages reprimand stands

So Farage went to see Jerzy Buzek this afternoon, to have his hand slapped after his speech
Jerzy Buzek, the parliament’s president, has summoned Mr Farage for a meeting
where he will be told to “restrain his language and refrain from making improper
comments in the chamber” or face disciplinary action.

The meetig took place and went something like this.

NF: "So, what is my punishment?"
JB: "There will be no punishment but my reprimand stands"
NF: "What was wrong with my speech?"
JB. "We didn't like the tone".
NF: (trying to stifle a laugh) "You didn't like the tone!"
JB: "And the language"
NF: "The language?"
JB: "You shouldn't have called them (Cathy Ashton and Herbert Van Rompuy)
NF: "Well they are hardly giants are they?"

So Farge can make th implication that Baroness Ashton was in her past implicated in a Soviet attempt to subvert British democracy, but he cannot describe the appointment of the Belgian and her as political pygmies. I am sure they would have been even more upset if he had called them dwarves.

What he should have said is that they "failed to acttain the sufficient political stature".

Oh boy. So it seems that Pygmy is now classified as "unparliamentary language" in Strasbourg and Brussels.

I wonder how our vertically challanged Speaker would rule on the subject?


Anonymous said...

Particularly amusing, of course, is that the Hungarian representative actually called Farage a monkey ...

kev said...

I think Buzek is missing the analogy and to him it appears that Nigel is calling them, literally, 'pygmies'. And since, to his mind, this is highly pejorative, it would say more about him than anything else.