Monday, November 30, 2009

Do you want stars with that?

Highly embarrasing, but somewhat telling error in Malta where the Commission started hading out a new version of the Maltese flag.
The EU Representative Office in Malta has issued an explanation after small Maltese flags handed out at a public event at City Gate did not feature the George Cross but the eight-pointed Maltese cross superimposed on a George Cross outline.

The small plastic flags were being handed out as part of a road show on citizens' rights, called "European citizenship: not just words, but also concrete rights!", organised by the European Commission in Malta.

The George Cross was awarded for extreme courage and resilience and should not be downgraded. It appears that the Commission are a little embarrased,
"The Commission was in no way trying to insult the Maltese flag and any indignation this incident might have caused is greatly regretted. The organisation of this event had to serve the purpose of informing as many people as possible of their rights as EU citizens something which was still achieved despite the incident," the Representation said.

Their rights to be ridden over roughshod (think shooting) and have their ioconography and identity downgraded it seems.

So if you see a subtle alteration of the Union flag, then you will know where it comes from.

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kev said...

How could this be an error? Flags are abundantly available on the internet. Did they pick up one from any site or was the Knights' cross intentionally inserted? I have never seen such an insertion in my life and I'm Maltese.