Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nark Nation

I am not sure what part of this story worries me more, though I know which bit doesn't worry me much.

It appears that William Hague's 79 year old father has ben cautiond by the police for "a racist jibe".

"Mr Hague gave his opinion when he was speaking to a builder he had employed to
do work at his home.
"The builder said that he came from the Black Country area of the West Midlands and Mr Hague is said to have responded about black people going back to their own country."
OK so what he said was lacking nuance, but for goodness sake he is 79. What on earth was the builder doing getting so upset about the opinions of one so old? Was he inciting volence? Not in any way. Was he trying to offend? I very much doubt it, just making a poorly judged joke. So whatever neighbour it was that ran squealing to the Police must be castigated for disgraceful behaviour. Just grow up.

And what the hell are the police doing following this up. Do they not have the wit to tell a busyboding, curtain twitching informant that they have more important things to do. After all Rotherham has apaling crime figures, only robbery is below the national average (2006/7),

Figures per 1000
Violence against the person 20.8 National Average 16.7
Robbery offences 0.6 National Average 1.2
Theft of a motor vehicle offences 5.0 National Average 2.9
Sexual offences 0.9 National Average 0.9
Burglary dwelling offences 5.8 National Average 4.3
Theft from a vehicle offences 10.7 National Average 7.6
Given that the local MP, the excrable Denis MacShane wrote in the Guardian,

The number one issue for my constituents in Rotherham is the loutish, often violent, sometimes feral behaviour of different groups in working class communities. Freedom from fear is a freedom I wish my constituents to enjoy.
this sort of harrasment, almost occaisioned to cause the old man's son embarrasment, is an affront to decency. I do not believe that the builder, or for that point his Asian girlfriend in any way felt fearful of Hague senior.

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What is so wrong with that comment,the majority of English people believe that they should go back to thier own countries,divided we fall!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the real reason for the fuss is just because of who he is.

So if that uppity Hague junior scores any more points off the One-Eyed Bandit in the Commons, we can assume he'll be smeared as a racist on account of his dad's "views".

As usual in a Police State, be careful of who you upset.

Anonymous said...

It is depressing he is racist though