Friday, March 28, 2008


Having been refused by the MSM, and having had his own website taken down by the hosting company, Geert Wilders last night published 'Fitna: The Movie' on LiveLeak.

I would encourage you to watch it, but I cannot pretend that it is nice, or easy viewing. At the very least it should make you think.

The BBC report about it is interesting in what it says and what it does not say. It majors on his paranoia,

"the most stubborn man I've ever met"...
"The presenter remembers walking with Mr Wilders surrounded by six bodyguards to the MP's room, which he likened to a furnished cell at a suburban bank.

Opponents say he is fuelling hate against Muslims From that perspective, he could understand that the politician's mind was focused on the death threats against him".

"He's a little bit crazy because he's giving the impression to some people that he's going to combat Islam," says Mr Rabbae.

"He's a kind of Don Quixote, fighting against things and presenting goals which will never happen."

Like Mr Spruyt, Mohamed Rabbae believes Mr Wilders may have become isolated by the limitations imposed by living with bodyguards".
But it fails to point out that his name was on the piece of paper, stuck on the knife that pierced Theo Van Gogh's (thanks Helen) heart.

it was in November 2004 that Mr Wilders' career dramatically changed with the murder of film-maker Theo van Gogh by a radical Islamist, Mohammed Bouyeri.

Together with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Van Gogh had produced the short film Submission, which featured an actress in see-through clothing with Koranic script on her body.

Although he had no involvement in the film, Mr Wilders was now to have a permanent bodyguard, in common with Ms Hirsi Ali, because of their outspoken views on Islam.
An odd omission, as is the failure of the BBC to link to the film, despite writing an article about it.

LiveLink has sadly felt that due to threats it has had to take the film down, however it can be seen here

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I see after death threats they've pulled the plug.