Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poisoned Chalice alert for the Euro Tories

According to a leaked document, and yet to be fully confirmed by votes (Though the Try positions are I am told secure)

European Parliament Committee Chairmanships.
Neil Parish, Chairman Agriculture Committee
Philip Bradbourn, 1st Vice Chairman Civil Liberties
Timothy Kirkhope, 4th Vice Chairman, Constitutional Affairs.

And tuppenyworth

So the Kirkhope Cabal clean up. Timmy and two of his whips get the jobs.
Parish's will be a poisoned chalice allowing opponents to blame him for the train wreck that is the CAP. He may be Chairman, but even when he is wearing his Eurosceptic hat (not common these days but it does happen, see his piece on the Con Home forum) there will be nothing he can do to stop the awful stuff that will go through in his name.
Bradbourn. Oh boy the painful sense of irony that will be felt by Tory Parliamentary assistants since 1999 will be palpable.
Kirkhope. 4th Vice Chairman. The towering heights of nonsense to put on a business card. The job was invented this year as a sop to the new enlargement countries because they wanted titles, so Timmy has got himself a title.

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