Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Musical Committee Chairs

More gossip out of Tory land.

The divison of Committe responsibilities is causing utter mayhem amongst the Conservative MEPs.

In an act of either incompetence (maybe) or spite (more likely) Vicky Kirkhope has,it seems deliberately given people positions on Committee's in which they have no interest or experience.

This has resulted in loud exclamations of anger and disgust with the air on the 14th floor being turned blue by at least one northern MEP.
It appears that Hannan has been removed from Constitutional affairs, where no doubt he might have caused trouble for the new 4th Vice-President. For his trouble he has been shifted to the Internal Market Committee; which was the first choice of Chris Heaton Harris; who has been shifted to Culture; which was the first choice of Christopher Beazley; and so on ad infinitum.

New Agriculture Committee Chairman and CAP apologist (OK he isn't that yet but just take a look at what Struan Stevenson started saying when he was Chairman of Fisheries) was given the task of giving everybody the bad news.
I can see him now with his great farmer's grin, chuffed to punch about his new job (he gets a new big flashy office, a bunch of civil servants, lots and lots of trips plus of course all that lovely lobbying) sidling up to the various members giving them the bad news,
"Oh you've got Wimmins committee Fred, sorry about that but I'm happy as Larry"

In the meantime, new Chief Whip, Richard Ashworth has I understand in the 24 hours since his appointment grown fangs and had HATE HATE tatooed on his knuckles as the charmming urbane chaop has transmogrified into killer whip bastard.
"I have the keys to the secrets safe now, Ha Ha Ha ha...."

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