Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Latest polling confirms that people want out of the EU

The Angus Reid polling organisation have today released their latest EU relate polls. And yet again we can see the massive disconnect between the political elite and the people they purport to represent. Indeed yet again we see that on this, as on so much the settled opinion of Britons chimes most closely with UKIP.
53% say EU membership has been negative for the UK; 33% believe it has been positive
46% would vote to leave the EU in a referendum; 26% would vote to stay in
83% would vote against the UK adopting the euro
The final questions relate to Cameron's ghost veto, which as we know was popular,
61% agree with the Government’s decision to reject the new EU treaty
But of course Angus Reid are merely compounding the myth that there was a Treaty on the Table for Cameron to Veto.
Finally and quite the siren sound for Dave comes the 56% who would like to see the Coalition split and for their to be a snap General Election.


Anthony Z said...

"the settled opinion"

An opinion poll with about 50% of people saying that they'd vote to leave the EU - even a series of similar polls - is not the "settled opinion" of anyone, let alone the whole British people.

Frankly, with the Euro crisis raging and the tabloid press permanently anti-EU, I'm honestly surprised the "out of EU" polling numbers aren't well up in the sixties. After all, telling an opinion pollster "leave the EU" is a cost-free, evidence-free comment, not a proper decision.

Gawain Towler said...


Given that the position has hardly changed except that the gap crepps wider I would say that it is settled as far as that phrase ever means anything.

Take your point otherwise, but teh biggest disseminator of the news is the BBC and they are firmly of the leave = catastrophe and the fire sale of your close relations.

Anonymous said...

Shortly before the 1975 vote, 66% of voters said they wanted to leave. An in-out referendum would almost certainly be a disaster (again) on present figures. More argument on these lines here:

(word validation is "out he")

Anonymous said...

Please pretty please can we leave?
Sorry ain't gonna work.
Too many snouts in the trough.
Soon enough however that decision may be taken for them by events.