Thursday, December 29, 2011

The most modern form of Government

If by modern, up to date and so one we mean the most democratic that is.

Just look at the Economist's Democracy Index 2011 and one thing is very striking from those that their experts consider the most democractic.
New Zealand

Here are the top eleven countries in order. Nine of them are constitutional monarchies. Eight of them are European, of which five are EU members, of which only slots nine, ten and eleven are members of the single currency.

All this rather tells a tale, doesn't it? Constitutional monarchies defend people's freedoms more effectively than republics, whatever the likes of the ghastly Sir Graham Watson might think, Lib/Dem and avowed republican, might think. And the further there are away from the EU the better.


Anonymous said...

Well maybe if you do not smoke or are an AGW believer,otherwise,not for you.
Illiberal policies are infesting all western nations now.
Maybe they see China as some sort of role model.

Rossa said...

How does any country in the Commonwealth get to be a Constitutional Monarchy when we (GB/UK) are a Parliamentary Democracy?

banned said...

Intetresting that our 3 former Dominions are regarded as being more democratic than we, the home of the "Mother Of Parliaments", are.

@Rossa, because we can be both?

Anonymous said...

"Intetresting that our 3 former Dominions are regarded as being more democratic than we"

Canada is a heck of a lot more democratic than the UK, primarily because power is so decentralised and there are still actual differences between political parties. A Canadian province has more control over its future than Britain does in the EU.