Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aaronovitch rips himself a new hole

I think he is trying to be funny, but in that case he fails. David Aaronovitch, federastes superbum, has written a column today which deserves a read, (paywall).

In it he finally admits that he has lost the argument about the European Union and Britain's place in it, for which I suppose we should be grateful,
Judging by its newspapers and its politicians, the people of Britain don’t get Europe, don’t like Europe and don’t want Europe.
Interesting echoes of Farage's speech about Van Rompuy in the phrasing there.
But of course Aaronovitch then goes on to display the curdled arrogance of a disappointed man. Essentially he lives the Brechtian dictum of sacking the people.

Pro-Europeans, like him, have,
not just the battle, but the entire war.
but of course,
Without even losing the argument.
They/he is/are better than us,
we British pro-Europeans are beginning to sound more and more like Betamax enthusiasts arguing the superior merits of their systems against the unstoppable VHS tide
Oh yes, you see he and his sort are more intelligent than us, better than us, more refined than us in every way. It is just the blind stupidity of his country folk, and their dullard inattention that is the cause.
I have done my best, but nothing will persuade older Britons that the EU is not just some updated, endless episode of ’Allo ’Allo! or younger Britons to take any interest in it.

I have a message for Mr Aaronovitvh and those like him, being a believer in the European dream doesn't make you more intelligent, doesn't make you morally superior, more aware or in any way a better more rounded person. Far from it.

It makes you complicit in the economic destruction of much of Europe. It makes you happy to see the European Arrest Warrant cart away our citizens to foreign jurisdictions without any recourse to the civil liberties you trumpet elsewhere.

It makes you complacent in the field of democracy as you stand by and watch democratically elected governments usurped by a technocratic elite that will do your higher bidding.

I don't get the joke. Because it isn't funny.

Oh, and all that pap about becoming a few states of the US. Why would anybody want to do that anyway. We don't need to, we don't want to. And it would ruin the fun of liberty.


OldSouth said...

Good points--but please check your spelling. One last revision never hurts anyone.

The nations of Europe cannot become like the states of the United States, for a long list of reasons, not the least of which that each state (apart from the initial thirteen) organized themselves 'de novo', ground up, and submitted their proposed state constitutions to Congress. They each guard their independence jealously, now more than ever, and compete shamelessly with one another in every sphere of life. Suspects arrested in one state on out-of-state warrants are entitled to extradition hearings.

Good post!

john in cheshire said...

Happy New Year, Gawain. Keep up the pressure on our enemies. They will be defeated, eventually.

Anonymous said...

And like most of the pro-Europeans Aaronovitch conflates Europe the continent with the EU.

It's not Europe we don't like it is the self serving bureaucrats and EU commissioners we despise.