Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When democracy dies it dies unheeded

Sarko has his mind distracted from the Crisis, the Germans swing this way and that, rumours swirkl and ratings agencies harrass the centre like a pack of hungry wolves slowly picking of the weakest.

And then we look back down the telescope to Greece. This Reuters report says it all, says too much,
The mood was furious among demonstrators, fed up after repeated doses of austerity and increasingly hostile to both their own political leaders and international lenders demanding ever tougher measures to cut Greece's towering public debt.

"Who are they trying to fool? They won't save us. With these measures the poor become poorer and the rich richer. Well I say: 'No, thank you. I don't want your rescue'," said 50-year public sector worker Akis Papadopoulos.

The boom of tear gas canisters fired by police rang out, and black clouds of smoke from petrol bombs hung over Syntagma Square, scene of violent clashes between police and demonstrators at anti-austerity protests in June.
And then that low tolling sound,
International lenders, who are providing the funds Athens needs to stay afloat after it was shut out of bond markets last year, have expressed impatience at the slow pace of reform as Greece has slipped behind on its budget targets.

There has been growing talk that Athens should be placed under tighter supervision by EU authorities to ensure it meets its reform obligations.

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Anonymous said...

"growing talk that Athens should be placed under tighter supervision by EU authorities "

I doubt the talk is just growing but hasn't been planned long ago deep in a bunker under Berlin.

What couldn't be conquered with tanks, guns and bullets some 70 years ago, is just being conquered this time using financial means and debt slavery to walk in and take over, with no shots need fired.

If WWII came with a bang, WWIII will come with a whimper - is my belief.