Friday, September 02, 2011

They say Sex sells

But if sex is just selling sex, then isn't that rather tautological?
Escort agency Girls Company is offering a ‘sex date’ as the prize in a promotional contest. Candidates are asked to confess their ‘most exciting, naughtiest, extreme sex spot or experience’ and post it to the company’s website.

The prize consists of a mile-high flight on board a private jet with a male or female escort – straight, gay or bisexual - and the possibility of becoming a member of the Mile High Club: the people who have had sex on board a plane in mid-flight.

The promotional contest “Win a membership into the Mile High Club” is a first in the Netherlands. Girls Company owner Wouter van der Heijden says it’s a one-off deal.
“So we are not going on a Boeing737, but made a deal to do this in a private jet. Whether sex flights have a future depends on demand, because they are obviously quite expensive.”
Somehow I don't see the video being allowed on any mainstream TV station.

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