Thursday, September 29, 2011

Posing the question to get the right answer

Tim Montgomery, now that he has a Sunday column has to find something to write about. So he has uncreasingly turned to his monthly surveys of Conservative Home readers thoughts to provide himself with copy. His latest survey will be no exception, with a general overview of policy and his normal who is up, who is down surveys of the Tory cabinet memmbers. Indeed this week it will be particularly apt coming as it does after the Lib Dem conference and no doubt to be revealed during the Tory bunfest in Manchester.

So my gut feeling he is planning to cause Cameron some damage comes when we look at queston number 7,
If Cameron could have THREE of the following people in his Cabinet who would he choose? Don’t choose who YOU would like but who you think David Cameron would prefer.

John Redwood
Graham Brady
Vince Cable
Nadine Dorries
David Laws
Bill Cash
Boris Johnson
Simon Hughes
Nick Clegg
David Davis
Tim Farron

I mean, we are talking who Cameron would want, and to be frank it is a no brainer isn't it? He would have David Laws, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. The Tory options would bring him out in hives.

Thus Montgomery is setting out to prove that the Tory membership think that Cameron is happier with those of a different tribe than their own.

Naughty, Naughty Tim.

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