Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poor old  Evangelos Venizelos. The Greek finance Minister's daily lot must be pretty tough. So tough that, rather than accepting responsibility for his own country's actions is rather keen on deflecting blame.

'Blackmail' he shouted two days ago attacking the EU and the IMF,
Mr Venizelos said: "If we want to stabilise the situation, if we want to avert default, if we want to remain in the core of the eurozone, if we want the country to stop being blackmailed and humiliated - because no citizen should have to put up with humiliation of their country - we have to make three large strategic decisions as part of our national strategy."
Blackmail he called again today in the Greek Parliament, this time targetting his ire at those shadowy markets,
“We will not put the country’s very existence at risk over matters that account for half or 1 percent of G.D.P.,” he said. “The markets are blackmailing us and the circumstances are humiliating us.”
But as Paul Mason at the BBC has pointed out on his twitter feed

Venizelos - Greece blackmailed by the markets. Half Gr debt held by Greek banks/ funds, 1/4 by foreign states/ecb. Who blackmails whom?

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