Saturday, September 03, 2011

"Persistant National Identities"

There you are trying to stuff your finger in the Utopia's dyke and won't you know it but something just gets in the way.
Finance officials and experts gathered in Italy mostly agreed Saturday that Europe needs deeper political union to preserve the troubled euro—even though persistent national identities made the prospect politically unlikely in the near future.
According to AP, Experts are telling us that
Europe needs more perfect union
It is just part of the European post-faith religion. Even the language drips of the litergy. Either that or tyhe arrogance of fluent Eurocrat,
Unless Europeans agree "to complete economic and monetary union ... with a fiscal union, with a strong governance, with a feeling that some political decision should be adopted in common by those who are sharing the single currency, we will not succeed," said Joaquin Almunia, the vice president of the EU commission, the closest thing to a central government in the union.
Who wiull not suceed? The poltical elite, those who dream technicolour integrationalist dreams? Becaiuse it certainly isn't the people of Europe who feel this way as Mario Monti almost admits,
the current structure depends on national governments acting in concert when needed. But instead, said Italian economist Mario Monti, governments are becoming increasingly "short-termist"—preferring to pander to voters even if the result is dysfunction on the European level.
Ye Gods No, you mean a couple of Governments (and Yes Finland, he means you) actually try to reflect the wishes of their people? Sorry pandering to the wishes of their people. Don't those thick necked unwashed bruisers, the hoiu polloi not know that we the elite know what is best for them?

The damned ungrateful curs.

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