Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I need a lie down, take a stress pill and think things over

I challange you to guess who said this...
"What is the point of extending our commitments if none of the other big economies say that they are willing to follow, if not today, then at least at some time tomorrow?
"If we are to keep the Kyoto Protocol alive, we must have some indications that you [the other big economies] are entering at some point. We are willing to keep that possibility open, but we need other countries - the U.S., emerging economies and others - to say when they are going to commit in a more binding form than we have seen hitherto."

"Some seem to think that if only Europe took a second commitment period, that would make Durban a big success. The world should not fool itself. It’s only interesting to keep Kyoto alive if somebody is following. Europe represents only 11% of global emissions. What will the other 89% do?"

I only ask because it is rather sensible and puts into question our own Government's much vaunted position on taking the lead in driving our own economy into the sand.

Oh the answer is here


OldSouth said...

You think you need a lie-down?

Pity Poor AlGore, Tipper-less, aging, irrelevant, in his new Nashville office, with nothing to say to no one in particular.

Anonymous said...

The damage has already been done.
Ever had the feeling you have been conned ?