Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lib Dems call for more Climate taxes

Sir Graham Watson, the republican Lib Dem MEP for teh South West (who refers to his constituents as 'Them') is out there demanding that people pay more tax to pay for his hobby horse,

"This campaign comes at a crucial time, as the EU's overall spending plans for the 2014-2020 budgetary period are being drawn up as we speak. We are calling for €2 bn a year for research and €3 bn per year from structural funds for building a European supergrid and supporting large-scale renewable energy installations."
Of course it comes at a crucial time, a time when the entire continent ios flat broke and pouring money into the sand is just not the way to go. Who does he think will have to pay for this 'surge'?


Anonymous said...

I hate that anti monarchy Scotch git!

He can keep his higher taxes and his EAW! It'll be interesting, when the EU falls down and we get our country back, what the traitors will say to get away with their parts in Europe - will we assume them to be Guilty until proven innocent?

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