Monday, September 26, 2011

'Cast Iron Cameron' - How much is his word worth?

I only ask because it isn't just us UKIP types that are getting fed up with his vaccilating and dishonesty over his Euro promises.

Here he is back in 2006 signing an uncontroversial little petition, you know, the one that says wasting  £150million a year on Strasbourg is daft.
Today at the Conservative conference David Cameron became the first UK party leader to sign the 1,000,000 strong petition to terminate the Strasbourg parliament.

He signed the campaign which aims to persuade the European Commission and the member states that Brussels must be the sole seat of the European Parliament and that the monthly parliamentary sessions in Strasbourg bring the reputation of the EU into disrepute.

On the day David Cameron and Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, launch the new Movement for European Reform, Mr Kirkhope said:

“David Cameron’s endorsement of the campaign is a symbol of how we Conservatives want to reform Europe. To be in Europe, leading in Europe is our aim. Ending the Strasbourg circus is a first step on the road to reform.”
Dear Timothy showing that touching belief in Dave so prevalent amongst Tory MEPs and apologists. It was a symbol he said, of how Conservatives were about to reform Europe.

Yeah right. Timothy. You know what happens next, because it is so obvious, so predictable.

Only in May here he was reconfirming his support for the campaign, but now it seems that he has bowed down to the French,
The leader of the UK Tory delegation in parliament has launched a withering attack on his own government for refusing to 'intervene' in the row over the assembly's 'travelling circus'.

Martin Callanan's attack comes after the UK coalition government declined to make representations to an ongoing court case over parliament's split-site arrangement.

France has taken a case to the European courts objecting to a vote by MEPs to reduce the monthly plenary sessions held in Strasbourg.

All member states have the opportunity to 'intervene' in the court case and all the mainstream British political parties expected the coalition government led by David Cameron to do so.

However, the coalition has controversially decided it would not formally declare its support for the MEP vote on Strasbourg.
How many more times does Dave have to let down his own side before they realise that his heart isn't in it. He is never going to do anything to defend Britain against the excesses of the Eurocrats?

It is rather sad, but as Desmond Swayne, Cameron's PPS put it in a letter to a constituent,
Anyone who believes that this government can expedite our escape from the EU is living in a world of illusion


Anonymous said...

We do not have a voice.
We are non-people in a 'democracy' simply because there is no democracy.
Stuff 'em.


The only commitment that this scum has not abandoned is his prominence in the uaf-claw hammer gang.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

How much is his word worth?

This comes under the heading of "questions we can answer quite easily".

And the answer is "nothing".