Friday, June 03, 2011

Denis Macshane, Dodgy arrogant slug and liar

The former Europe Minister and dodgy turfed out Labour MP Denis Macshane was up against Marta Andreasen on Newsnight.

The fact that he is up before the beak himself for dubious stuff does not shame him into accusing Marta Andreasen of hiding her own expenses.

He claimed to have searched her website for information but there was none there.

What none like this you snivelling allegedly corrupt liar?

Macshane accused Nigel Farage of boasting on TV that he had pocketed £2 million in expenses from the EU.

Not true,

Macshane and Farage were at a Foriegn Press Association event, which though public was not on Televised. Macshane asked Farage what he recieved as an MEP in "non-salary expenses and allowances", ie staffing and office costs.
Not pocketing. Farage was happy to reveal the cost of MEPs to the taxpayer. Even the Guardian reported it more reasonably than Macshane's comentary last night

When asked about this he went on Sky

In the light of history an interesting interview, if for nothing else the unadulterated venomn from the interviewer.


William Gruff said...

Not so much venom as vanity.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Is this the same Denis MacShane who is not averse to making up stuff in the Commons, too?

Not one to be trusted for real facts, is he?

Anonymous said...

This is why Farage is brilliant, the inteviewer was spouting hatred and he still won the argument. Denis Macshane deserves only contempt

Anonymous said...

Read the MacShane Files on