Monday, June 06, 2011

Always keep a-hold of Nurse

It appears that David Campbell Bannerman has written a self justifying piece for Con Home defending his decision to revert to the Conservative Party. He does not of course address the matter of honour involving his signature guaranteeing that he would stand down as an MEP if he wished to change his party, but as a double rat that would be too much to expect.

What is amazing is that he somehow feels that the current Conservative Party is a vehicle for Britain's exit from thw European Union, something that must have made his reading of Peter Oborne's magisterial piece in yesterday's Telegraph rather uncomfortable reading.

DCB's arguments just do not fly.

He makes the frankly bizarre assertion that the arguments about the EU are near as damn it settled, after all as he says,
Even the pro-EU Tony Blair surprised everyone by announcing a referendum on the EU constitution in 2004 saying that "the weather had changed" and in the Commons: "Let the issues be put. Let the battle be joined!".
And not just Labour,
the Lib Dems, have publicly backed a 'real' In/Out referendum. Whilst they were decisive in opposing a UK referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Nick Clegg said in 2008 that "it is time to give its first chance in 33 years to decide if it wants to be in or out of the EU... we have been signed up to Europe by default: two generations which have never had their say."
Of course the Tories are to be trusted with their track record on the subject...

But for me the most telling phrase of all in this piece is the following, whilst stating that he has not recoiled from his 'Better Off Out'ness,
My official statement graciously acknowledged this,
Is it up to an individual to announce their own graciousness?


Paul said...

All politicians go through the same arc.

When standing for election they tell you they only want to represent you and the policies you want if you vote for them

On election day, they make a lovely speech announcing that they couldn't have done it without all the activists.

The next morning they get a complete case of amnesia and think they did it all themselves and that is was them that people voted for not the party name on the ballot paper.

Thereafter at any point they get a 'case of conscience' about something and decide that they have to do something in direct contravention of their mandate from the electorate.

First La Sinclaire, then DCB and even Marta... Why did we work so hard to get these ingrates elected?

Sue said...

I don't really understand why his signature is not legally binding. Are UKIP doing something about it?

Junaid said...

Why did we work so hard to get these ingrates elected?

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